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Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that painting or refacing your kitchen cabinets may seem perplexing.

We've made every effort to address common questions thoroughly. Should you have more queries, don't hesitate to reach us at +1 416-945-9825.

  • Skilled in painting and seeking cost-saving options. What choices do I have?
    If you feel capable of handling On-site painting for the project, we're willing to provide a reduced price for shop spray painting the doors.
  • Are quotes obligation-free?
    Absolutely! Arsh Art provides complimentary On-site, In-person, and Online estimation service without any obligation. As experts in the field, feel free to call and inquire, regardless of your current or past dealings with other companies.
  • Revamp Your Home Use with Painted Kitchen Cabinets!
    Refresh your kitchen cabinets without disrupting your home. As only certain sections are painted, like doors and drawers, your daily routines remain unaffected during the process.
  • Does Our Process Hinder Kitchen Usage?
    Kitchen availability during the procedure depends on the chosen method. If on-site, it'll be inaccessible for up to 3 days due to covering and painting. Our unique approach lets you use it intermittently while we work.
  • Refinishing vs. Refacing: Which to Choose?
    Though often confused, cabinet refinishing and refacing are distinct. Refinishing restores the original look, while refacing goes further, replacing doors and drawers but not the cupboard's boxes. Choose based on your cabinet's condition. Opt for refinishing if cabinets are in good shape but lack your desired look. Consider refacing for old-style or damaged doors and fronts, revitalizing your cabinets. Notably, refinishing is more cost-effective than refacing, so consider your budget too.
  • What's your required notice period?
    At Cabinet Reface & Spraying, we're flexible to begin projects with just 48 hours' notice. Need it even faster? We can accommodate next-day starts too. However, for smoother scheduling and added benefits like discounts, consider booking at least three weeks in advance.
  • Is your coverage complete?
    For our clients' and employees' peace of mind, we provide coverage through a $200,000 Liability insurance.
  • Payment method for deposit and balance?
    After obtaining client approval, project scheduling requires a deposit. Deposits are 30% for jobs under $5,000 and 50% for projects quoted at $5,000 and above. The remaining balance is due upon project completion and walkthrough.
  • Time needed for cabinet refacing with new doors?
    Once you've chosen your desired door design and provided accurate measurements, we'll commence door construction, which usually takes 10 business days. After that, we move on to the painting phase. In total, you can expect the installation of your new doors within 14 to 18 business days.
  • Are MDF doors truly low quality, as I've heard?
    Important note: There are varying qualities of MDF doors in the market. For optimal results when replacing wood doors, choose professionally prepared High Density, High-quality MDF cabinets doors that can last a decade. Avoid general use MDF from HomeDepot or Lowes as they aren't designed for cabinets doors.
  • Considering a design update for my doors. Which option suits best?
    For optimal savings, opt for MDF doors: built, painted & installed for an affordable cabinet refacing.
  • Painting laminate cabinets: Possible?
    Painting kitchen cabinets often raises the query of whether it's suitable to paint laminate parts like end panels. The answer is affirmative! Painting these parts won't cause any issues. However, it's crucial to remember that laminates require proper priming, just like doors and drawer faces. Our top-notch primer ensures flawless application and prevents any potential problems.
  • Time Required for Cabinet Painting
    Completion time for painting kitchen cabinets is painter-dependent, impacting the job's quality. Generally, a week is recommended for proper cabinet painting. Your painter may work on-site or off-site, taking doors and drawers to their workshop. On average, our service completes an entire kitchen cabinet paint job in 8-10 days.
  • Landlord Backing: Can I Paint My Cabinet?
    Prior to painting your cabinet, securing your landlord's approval is essential. The question is whether they'll support your plan. Approval hinges on your cabinet's condition: damaged or old cabinets are likely to be allowed for painting; otherwise, persuasive tactics may be needed.
  • Eliminate Oak Cabinet Grain: Step-by-Step Guide!
    Choose between investing in fillers or replacing the doors to eliminate grain on your cabinets. Though fillers seem cost-effective, they're as pricey as door replacement. Opting for cabinet painting remains the best and trendy choice—cost-effective too!
  • Need Clear Coat?
    Inquire about the need for protective clear coating to preserve the paint. When done correctly, coating the painting isn't necessary. Homeowners often face issues like yellowing or chipping of cabinets due to improper painting methods or using outdated cabinet paints. Opt for skilled painters and high-quality paint to ensure a durable surface and long-lasting original color. Choose experience for lasting results.
  • Long-lasting Cabinet Paint?
    An essential concern regarding kitchen cabinet painting is the possibility of chipping or peeling shortly after the job. The outcome largely hinges on the expertise of the painter. A skillfully painted cabinet can be highly durable, lasting a lifetime without the need for repainting anytime soon. However, if the painting process is improperly executed, the paint may peel over time, necessitating a redo. This issue often arises when inexperienced painters handle kitchen cabinet projects. Many homeowners have recently reported problems with peeling paint on their cabinets. Upon investigation, we discovered that the root cause was often the lack of a proper workshop in the companies hired for the job. Instead, some resorted to spray-painting the doors in unsuitable places like garages or subcontracting the task to cut costs. Using a garage for DIY or minor projects might be acceptable, but it can severely compromise the finishing due to temperature fluctuations, dust, and other factors. Moreover, some shops tend to take shortcuts when handling doors' spray painting since they are not directly dealing with the end clients. To address these concerns, our kitchen cabinet painting service offers a five-year “no peel” warranty. We pride ourselves on using professional employees and a well-equipped, organized facility to ensure the best results for your project.
  • Bye to Stained Wood Cabinet?
    Embrace cabinet painting without regrets! Transform the natural wood appearance while choosing your ideal color. Flexibility to switch colors anytime!



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